Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Only GMAT Course That Lets You Meet Rotman Admissions Staff - University of Toronto GMAT Course

During the course, Rotman's Admissions Director will give a guest lecture on how to apply for MBA programs. You can meet her and ask questions. This is enough reason to enroll!

But hurry, the next course starts on January 21, 2017. Registration will close soon. Click this link to register:

Course Details

Improve your chances of getting the GMAT score you want and gaining admission to the MBA program of your choice with our comprehensive, 30-hour course covering every area of this challenging exam: mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar, critical reasoning, and essay writing.

It is important to note that the GMAT tests not only your mathematical and verbal skills but also your ability to effectively answer GMAT-specific, multiple-choice questions under severe time constraints. Our highly qualified instructors will help you develop a GMAT-specific understanding of every concept tested, and you will learn efficient strategies for maximizing your score under severe time constraints. Test-taking strategies are further reinforced by tackling hundreds of questions and simulating test situations. As a result, you will emerge with the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to tackle all GMAT questions, from the basic to the most advanced. Course fee includes a custom-designed workbook.

Learner Outcomes

o A GMAT-specific understanding of every concept tested
o Demonstrable understanding of the areas covered in the GMAT Test
o Refinement of examination writing skills under severe time constraints

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