Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rule #1: Any Quote Is Negotiable!

The other day I was booking a hotel, so naturally I first went online to see what room rates were available. The lowest rate available was $145. Then I called the reservation desk of the hotel and asked for rates. The guy quoted $255!

I asked, "Is this the lowest rate at your hotel?"

He said, " Yes sir, this is what we can offer your right now. We're actually running a promotion so this is already after a 15% discount."

I said, "Do you want to double check because my friend checked out your website and said the rate is much lower than what you just quoted me."

He asked, "What rate did your friend see on our website?"

Take this as a sign - he's WILLING to negotiate!

I'll finish the story a little later, because that's going to be Lesson

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Anonymous said...

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233 BEN FRANKLIN DRIVE, Sarasota, FL 34236
6.2 Miles Southeast of Longboat Key and Vincinity