Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You Can Still Get Las Vegas Packages

Wondering where to spend your vacation before Christmas while tied by a budget? Then Las Vegas is probably one of the few places that can still offer good packages at affordable prices.

You can book flights and hotel separately, and is a good place to book cheap hotel rooms. For example, I stayed at Las Vegas Hilton in June for 2 nights, and the room rate was $65 per night. Not bad for a Hilton, huh?

However, I strongly recommend booking flights and hotel (and maybe car) as one package on Orbitz or Expedia. If you book early, you can get a round trip flight + hotel for 2 adults for 3 nights for around $250 per person. Plane tickets themselves would cost about the same money.

The secret lies in gambling. Las Vegas casino-hotels want you to gamble, and gamble big time, so room rate is relatively low compared to hotels in other big cities. Then why not take advantage of the low rates and have some fun besides gambling? Some fun activities include:

  • Shows: Some of the best shows include The Blue Man Group. This is a must-see eye opener!
  • Helicopter ride: For only $70 you can take the helicopter night flight and see what the Las Vegas Strip looks like at night.
  • Hoover Dam: No trip to Las Vegas is complete until you see the mighty Hoover Dam.
  • Grand Canyon: Unless you want to make it a separate trip later, you should take a bus tour (departing 6 am, returning 9 pm) to see this place that you must see in your life.
  • Buffet: The three best buffet restaurants are in the hotels of Wynn's, Bellagio and Aladdin, all around $30 per person. I think Aladdin is the best for its unique Mid-Eastern and Mediterranean flavor.

Where can you get all these? Start with Orbitz or Expedia, and seach for "activities", to get a list of the activities. But remember to do comparison shopping before you make a reservation. For example, Blue Man show sells for $98.50 on Orbitz, but (Blue Man Group's official website) only sells for $71.50. Here's another $27 saved - treat yourself a buffet dinner with this money!

More on Las Vegas coming soon.

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